2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Quiet Time

Written in


Blues and purples.
Green season.
A girl and her bubbles, paint and homemade play dough.
Quiet days on the mountainside.
Casa de Yin Yang.
Hanging out at home. Working at home. Playing at home.
Restrictions are loosening. Curfew shortened. (But there is still a 9pm curfew.)
Rules not enforced. Laws not followed.
Emotions, feelings, moods, attitudes.
Knowing the difference.
Recognizing them for what they are.
Flashes passing glances memories plans thoughts ideas goals hopes fears.
A girl, 7 years and 7 months old, today, DJ Jade
A woman landed in her second home 11 years ago, today, me.


There’s a thin line between contentment and boredom. I think I’m on the contentment side. Feeling content and grateful for life, these days and always. Grateful for the work I have currently: editing, mostly. Some writing. A random translation here and there. Work from home, flexible hours, dream come true. Grateful for family. Grateful for friends.

And yet there is sometimes the sensation of… what’s next? When will we travel? And where to? But it’s not the moment for plans yet.

Stillness persists but things are always changing even if imperceptibly. It’s still, more and more even with each passing moment, a quiet time. There is a joyful silence that comes with shutting off the wifi, logging out of the antisocial media, choosing to spend more time offline, off screens, in the 3rd dimension, soles planted on Earth, soul flying up to the stars from time to time. It’s almost like magic, like going back in time, like plugging into the great Mother, like instant karma, like analog yoga. I highly recommend it.

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com


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