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  1. Hi Michelle! I just read your article, “The Tao of Dating: Six Sex Guidelines for Empowered Women,” on Elephant Journal, and thought to myself, “Wow. Homegirl took the words right out of my journal.” (Though much more concisely and articulately.) Then I read your bio, and, turns out, I, too am a left-handed Gemini (though my sister is a Libra) and I have a black labrador retriever named Oskar. I thought that too cosmic to let go unsaid. I’ve decided to start making writing a habit in my everyday again, and this adventure began online yesterday via I would love to stay in contact with you. Thanks for the dose of inspiration today.

  2. Michelle, I just read your post “The Tao of Dating” on Elephant Journal and it really resonated with me. Thank you so much for writing it. It articulated a lot of what I know intellectually but have been having a difficult time following in practice. I believe I have or will find the strength to accept what I know is true, but what I have been trying my hardest to deny. Change is inevitable and I am the only one getting hurt by trying to hold on too long.

    Sidenote: Hook’Em Horns! \m/.

  3. Crazy cosmic! I love it! I will definitely check out your blog. Let me know if you ever want to write a guest post here on yoga freedom.
    Namaste, Michelle

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