2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

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Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

In late December each year, I do a Tarot reading for the coming year.

These cards serve as potent reminders of intention, rather than fortune-telling devices. These are the virtues and ideas we can strive toward throughout the coming months. Write any key words or phrases that resonate with you on your monthly calendar.

Each card is accompanied by a wisdom quote from The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer, a short commentary about the card, and a brief, hopefully helpful, personal anecdote from my reflections on 2018.

May these cards, quotes, and comments be of benefit!

January/February: The Chariot

>> Key words: Journey, Movement, Change, Triumph

“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind—you are the one who hears it.” ~ The Untethered Soul

When we are in the midst of chaos and distress, it’s hard to see beyond the emergency of the moment. The Chariot asks us to rise above and look at the bigger journey of our life’s path and not get stuck on our current trip.

This card is all about triumph though the inevitable conflicts of life. To keep moving forward in a positive direction, the only way out is through. By applying right effort and commitment, we will prevail.

Personally, I had a challenging start to 2018. On January 1st, I somewhat impulsively submitted my job resignation, having realized that I didn’t want to partake in another year of undue stress. This was a leap of faith, since I had no plan B for work, and I am the main earner of income in our family. The Chariot carried me through, thankfully.

March/April: The Magician

>> Key words: Creation, Magic, Manifestation, Skillful means

“The truth is that most of life will unfold in accordance with forces far outside your control, regardless of what your mind says about it.” ~ The Untethered Soul

The Magician is intelligent and skillful. This card reminds us to dwell in authentic self-confidence, which empowers us to transform our great ideas into action. The Magician is practical, as opposed to theoretical. Our success in endeavors and adventures this spring will depend upon our strength of will, determination, and clarity of vision for manifesting our desires for the highest benefit of all.

Early last year, I nearly quit my marriage. My partner seemingly didn’t trust me or anyone. At my wit’s end, I escaped to the beach with my daughter to commune with the ocean waves. When we returned, I was prepared to separate amicably. Fortunately, my husband and I began a long-overdue dialogue and eventually, magically, found our way back to loving trust and togetherness.

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