2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Embracing the Past, Envisioning the Future

Written in


#reverb15 – days 14 & 15 of 21

Monday, December 14 – “I envision _____…”

I envision a forest in which bird songs are meditations and trees are hugged instead of chopped.

I envision a home in which songs are sung and silly dances danced and sunrises and sunsets marveled every day.

I envision a career of sharing my ideas through writing, sharing well-being through yoga and creating a healing community center.

I envision a society in which we can all rise above our tribal egos and live as interconnected beings of oneness as shining stars of nature, rather than with the illusion that we  are somehow apart from our environment.

I envision love as a smile, a hug, a deep breath into the heart.


Tuesday, December 15 – Write a poem using the form, “I seem to be/but really I am…”

I seem to be a lady but really I am a unicorn mermaid.
I seem to be a teacher but really I am a poet.
I seem to be red balloon but really I am a purple fountain pen.
I seem to be irritated but really I am ecstatic.
I seem to be lazy but really I am productive.
You may think I’m an expert but I’m really a beginner.
My husband says I’m as stubborn as a mule but really, he is!
They say I’m a Gemini but really I’m a Libra.
I seem to be a deer on the hunt, but really I’m an eagle preparing to soar.
I seem to be me but really I’m you.
I seem to be here but really I’m everywhere.
I seem to be bold but I’m actually light.
I seem like a earth bound human, but really I’m a woman of the moon.


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