2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Expression through Music with Vespers

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What inspired you to learn music? How did you learn? Can you describe your learning experience?

I would say the motivation was from within.  I was so young when I started, it was just something I was compelled to do.  I never looked at someone else and made a conscious decision, it was just a spark within me that my parents (thankfully!) saw fit to nourish. 

Vespers Shadow SaxWhy the {sax, piano, electronic music, etc.} specifically? What does the instrument allow that perhaps other instruments, words or other mediums do not?

I really dig the sax because of the versatility of it. It can stand on its own, it can be soulful, it can be nasty, it can be funky, it can be pretty. I can also cut really well as a solo instrument, which is useful for playing over my electronic music.

What are you working on now? Why is it important for you to share your music/knowledge with others?   

As we speak I’m currently on Salt Spring Island working on a new EP that’ll be released on The Funk Hunters’ Westwood Recordings in a few months.  For me, sharing music has always been something that’s come naturally.  I get really excited about learning new things, and I find that excitement is enriched through sharing what I’ve learned and jamming out with like minded people on a musical path.  My online academies,Vespers.ca and WarpAcademy.com are manifestations of that.  I created Vespers.ca as a conduit where I could teach my community through one on one lessons, online courses, live group webinars etc.  Warp Academy came later when I wanted to partner up with other minds in the industry.  Now Warp Academy is host to several thousand students and a community of over 10 trainers who are all experts in their fields.  We have courses on everything from DJing to music theory to sound design to mixing and mastering.  A student can come to us, learn all the essential subjects to produce electronic music, and do it all at their own pace from a computer with an internet connection in less than a year at a fraction of the cost of a year at college.  That was our vision.  

Tell us something about your process of creating music (from composing to mixing or performing…). What are some things you have learned about yourself and/or the creative process along the way?

My creative process starts with building source sounds.  Patches in synthesizers, drum kits, recordings or organic sounds etc.  I like having fresh, unique sounds to work with for every song.  In the process of creating these sounds, I usually get inspired or hear something that eventually becomes the beginnings of the tune.  After that, it’s just putting regular work into it until it’s done.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Here is a video in which I interview Kenny Werner who discusses how spirituality affects his creative process: http://www.warpacademy.com/kenny-werner-interview/

And, here is a free pack of my tunes! http://vespers.ca/vault/vespers-music-pack-free-download/

Much Love!

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