2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Simplicity Leads to Peaceful Vacations

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Guest Post by Kendra Thornton

Kendra ThorntonAs a full time mom, I’ve learned that vacation isn’t always as relaxing as it’s cracked up to be. With cranky kids in tow, I have braved the crowds at Disney parks and driven across North America.

It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve learned how to enjoy a more peaceful vacation.

While it’s not necessary to plan an exhaustive itinerary, I find it calming to keep a few tips in mind.

1.  Hotels Can Make the Difference

A hotel can make or break a vacation.

The property needs to be quiet, clean and comfortable.  I’ve started looking for more from a hotel by using Gogobot to discover family-friendly reviews and amenities that make choosing on where to rest my head at night so much easier! On a trip to San Francisco, I was able to find a hotel that offered yoga and a location that was close to the zoo and stadium for some family time!

2.  Don’t Forget to Exercise

A vacation shakes me out of my rut, but I find that I stay more centered when I maintain my workouts.  Before leaving, I make sure to keep up with my routine, enjoying a moderately strenuous sweat session on the day before a flight or car ride.  This makes it so much easier for me to sit still.

3.  Be Okay with Less than Perfection

Things go wrong, even in paradise. When it happens, I try to stay in the moment by acknowledging there’s a problem (whether it’s a sunburn or a missed flight), and then immediately starting to solve it. Looking for a solution brings peace of mind. It’s empowering, and it lets me get back to enjoying my vacation.

4.  Hydrate for Health

In the August 2013 Yoga Journal, a healthy travel expert notes that “flying is dehydrating.” Dehydration can mean headaches and insomnia.  Whether I’m flying or not, I make a point of carrying a water bottle to keep myself healthy and happy. I would encourage you to pack foods that are also high in water content like grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and berries.

5.  Try a Staycation

Sometimes the best destinations are found right around the corner.  I’ve discovered some truly wonderful and inspiring spots without even leaving my state.  A staycation is a relaxing way to enjoy some peaceful time away from the usual routine.

Regardless of where I roam and who I travel with, a vacation is always better when I feel calm and centered.  A little planning can go a long way toward ensuring a relaxing getaway that the whole family enjoys.

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