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December 2021: Slow Flow Yoga & Writing Retreat

December 12 - 19, 2021 Her majesty, Lago de Atitl├ín Immerse yourself on the path of beauty at Lake Atitlan in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala for a week of yoga, creativity, community and culture! Clarify your vision, purpose and truth by tapping your creative flow and inspiring new growth. Villa Sumaya at sacred Lake Atitlan is… Continue reading December 2021: Slow Flow Yoga & Writing Retreat

Living from the Heart, Michelle's Memoir

Primero de febrero

February 1st. Today is the 28th anniversary of one of the most important days of my life: the day I discovered yoga. Today, "yoga" looks like working on editing and writing assignments in bed at sunrise, reading this long (but so worth it) personal essay by Anne Patchett, being served organic shade-grown black coffee from… Continue reading Primero de febrero

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Feliz Solsticio

The shortest day of the year, hence the longest nightWitches celebrate the new year already, nowI'm a good witchI sat in on a 30-minute Zoom meditation at noon to commemorate the Grand ConjunctionPlanets aligning, squaring, This is the dawning of the age of AquariusAnd just another dayThe neighbor's free range chickens pecking at our compost… Continue reading Feliz Solsticio

Living from the Heart, Michelle's Memoir, The New Story

Words and Sentences and What to Say

In 2020, I became an editor and continued to grow my freelance career in unexpected and delightful ways. I am also a writer, still, forever. This year, I've written over 100 blog posts for Homeschool Spanish Academy, edited over a million words for Scribbr, and done a slew of other writing, editing, translation, and (yes,… Continue reading Words and Sentences and What to Say

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How to Be at Home

"Pondering issues, triggers, and inner logistics"Advice to self, love to self, self as other"You have time and not much else to do"But is that true?I do have time but also lots to do: sentences to edit; articles to write; books to read; daughter to raise up; friends and family to quietly love"Watch all the credits;… Continue reading How to Be at Home

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Palabras Como Vitaminas

"Words are vitamins and life is short." ~ Ani DifrancoLas palabras son vitaminas y la vida es corta. My maternal grandparents spoke Spanish to each other all my life. Hijole! my grandpa would exclaim, and I had no idea what it meant. (It's actually a curse word akin to sonofabitch.) ┬┐Verdad? (pronounced "reth-ah"), my grandma… Continue reading Palabras Como Vitaminas