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  • My 2023 Word of the Year: Clarity

    This year, I’m seeking CLARITY Clarity around what I do, my mind stream and what I’m putting in it, what I offer, what I love, and what I want to share with the world (i.e., my community) through writing and teaching. Clarity around my body, spirit, soul, brain and heart Clarity in relationship Clarity in […]

  • My Word of the Year. #reverb13

    How to distill an entire year down to one word? I had a lot of runners up this year. From the moment she emerged, life was all about Jade. Birth. Motherhood. Diapers, breastfeeding, crying, laughing, nighttime feedings, babbling, crawling, growing. That’s why my word for 2013 is newness. A ton of new things happened to me, and […]