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  • Equinox Energy: On the Cusp of Change

    In addition to delving deeper into the energies of the sacred Mayan calendar, I’ve recently rekindled my longtime passion for astrology. Today is the autumnal equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere and Sunday is the new (dark) moon. What does that mean? Summer has officially turned to fall. The day and night are equal today, […]

  • The Kej Trecena: 13 Days of Natural Power

    The Kej Trecena: 13 Days of Natural Power

    Today is 1 Kej (deer). The next 13 days are embued with the energy of Kej, the wilderness, the four directions, the spiritual leader, humility, respect, power and  much more. Autumn equinoxFallChange apparentThe gradual darkening into shorter days, longer nightsThe crunch and color of leaves underfootThe trees let them go, so effortlessly, so poignantlyGathering winds […]