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  • A Tribute to my Grandma

    Letting the last breath come.  Letting the last breath go.  Dissolving, dissolving into vast space,  the light body released from its heavier form.  A sense of connectedness with all that is,  all sense of separation dissolved  in the vastness of being.  Each breath melting into space  as though it were the last. – Stephen Levine […]

  • Halloween is kind of fucked up.

    Check out the full post: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/10/a-real-life-celebration-of-day-of-the-dead/ Of course I went trick or treating as a kid. I would dress up and go door to door with a group of friends and ask for candy from mostly unknown neighbors in suburbia. In high school, I don’t remember celebrating. In college and post-college, I would go to […]