2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

1 Tz’ikin
the new vision, the birds’ eye view, as the eagle soars, the joyfulness of flight, gliding in all abundance, the prosperity that comes with peace

2 Ajmaq
please forgive me; i forgive you

3 No’j
focus the power of the mind inward

4 Tijax
grounded healing, letting go of the old, inviting in the new, sacred paths, cherished friendships

5 Kawok
efforts on the path, dazzling rain, embracing our humanity

6 Ajpu
ultimate stability of the sun, human beings embracing the divine and natural paths

7 Imox
panoramic view, water blessing, cosmic consciousness

8 Iq
return of the hummingbird, ritual for clear compassionate communication, feed your imagination

9 Aq’ab’al
goddess rising dawn blessings, light/shadow work

10 K’at
manifestation of abundant harvest, community connections, networks aligned

11 Kan
unpredictable serpent energy, creative movement, the art of distraction

12 Kame
reflect on life’s experiences of birth, death and transformation

13 Kej
connect with the spirit world through wilderness, ultimate deer energy

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