2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

12 Intention Cards for 2023

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New Year’s Eve the other day was 13 Iq’ in the Mayan calendar, an ideal day for divination and receiving communication from the spirit world and the ancestors. Plus, it was the last day of 2022, a banner year for many humans.

I hence sat on the balcony overlooking the lake, got myself centered, concentrated on the coming four seasons of the new calendar year, and pulled 12 cards (4 each from 3 decks). I hope they resonate with you and wish you a peaceful, heart-centered, joyous year ahead.

I. The Mythic Tarot

Winter 2023 (January 1 to March 20) – The World: Achievement, integration, triumph, reaching a goal

Spring 2023 (March 21 to June 20) – 9 Cups: Wish fulfillment, satisfaction, pleasure

Summer 2023 (June 21 to Sept 20) – 10 Swords: Final ending of a difficult situation; a new future with fewer conflicts can begin

Fall 2023 (Sept 21 to Dec 20) – 7 Swords: Use guile, tact, diplomacy, and wit to handle challenges (no bullying)

II. The Mayan Oracle

Winter – Portal of Transcendence: Bliss, stargate, ecstatic communication, secret doorway, seen and unseen, emptiness of the void, unknowable and known, reveal and revealer

Spring – 13/Universal movement: Wild card, unseen forces, unexpected change

Summer – Ajmaq: Grace, trust, inner voice, galactic conduit, reception, mystic transmission, divine communication, cosmic consciousness, golden pillar

Fall – Q’anil: Harmony, starseed, beneficial combinations, way show-er, octave, expanded love, clear perspective

III. The Rider Tarot Deck

Winter – The Hanged (Wo)man: Total trust and surrender, meditation
*I am willing to suspend my personal comfort for the richness of the spirit.

Spring – 9 Pentacles: Relaxation, ease, harvest, reward, vacation
*I use and enjoy the fruits of my labor, allowing nothing to go to waste.

Summer – Knight of Swords: I defend the right to all truth and justice.
*Where am I charging and why so fast?
*What point do I feel committed to making?

Fall – The High Priestess: Deep inner wisdom, inner knowing, access to the Akasha, quiet retreat, seclusion
*What do I need to remember or discover?
*How can I best use my intuitive, psychic, or dream abilities now?
*The knowledge that I seek is within myself awaiting my question.

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