2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

The Kawoq Trecena

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This article was co-created with Lieke Moras

It’s time to dance in the rain!

After the ancestral/spirit healing energy of 13 Tijax, today we enter the trecena of Kawoq. After the cutting away of what no longer serves under the guidance of Tijax, Kawok is there to wash the remnants away with the loving care of a grandmother’s hug.

Kawoq is connected with the birthing process and midwives. It brings a compassionate, loving, wise yet fierce energy that cares about family and community. It’s the warm feeling of home and the hug of a grandmother.

For the next 13 days, connect with the divine feminine and the force of nature which supports new life to come through. Kawoq is the rainstorm needed to create space for new life to be born. 

Kawoq may bring a sense of inner turbulence that can feel like a tornado moving through your life. Eventually, the storm brings healing and soothes the soul.

The turtle is the spirit animal of this Nahual, which is connected with the 13 moons in a year’s cycle and the ancient wisdom of women. Like grandmother turtle, the energies of this Nahual help us develop patience. This same patience can help us move through times of turbulence in our lives. 

Practical ways to connect with Kawoq

  • What is asking to be born through you?
  • How can you let go and dance and sing in the rain?
  • What will the storm wash away? What energy no longer serves or benefits you?
  • How can you slow down and embody the wisdom of the turtle spirit?

To connect with Kawok, spend your day in the presence of women you love to be surrounded with. Receive their guidance, feel their compassionate presence and soft yet fierce strength and allow yourself to be held. Helping you to feel home within yourself and in their presence.

The Kawoq Trecena

September 19 to October 1, 2022

1 KawoqThe storm brewing, starting, allow the rain to cleanse, acceptance of the now
2 AjpuDivine sun, duality, relationships, remembering our precious golden humanity
3 ImoxGrandmother water, collective consciousness, looking within, meditate in solitude
4 IqStable imagination, communication, hummingbird medicine: inspiration
5 Aq’ab’alHard work as dawn turns to day, right effort
6 K’atUltimate stability of the web of life, good day to network/connect
7 Kan360º views, kundalini energy, life force, snake medicine
8 KameWhat is life but Infinite death and transformation?
9 KejBalancing female and male power, connect with nature and wilderness, deer medicine
10 Q’anilManifestation of the seed, ripening in community, golden light joy
11 To’jDirectionless offerings, service, gratitude, day of sacred fire
12 Tz’iReflect on your life experiences of love, truth and justice
13 B’atzConnecting the threads of time with the wisdom of the ancestors

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