2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

The Kame Trecena

Written in


Death is transformation

Is it scary, sad or abnormal?

Face your fears with intention, or you’ll be forced to in more challenging ways

The moon is full

Mercury is retrograde

Intensity turned up, to say the least

The 13-day trecena of Kame began last Tuesday. Here are the energies of each day.

1 KameThe seed of transformation, remembrance of and respect for death
2 KejDuality in the woods; good day for forest bathing with a beloved or three
3 Q’anilPlanting seeds of intention in your mind
4 To’jOfferings, sacred fire, grounding the energy
5 Tz’iHeart-centered hard work
6 B’atzWeaving the threads of life in perfect alignment
7 EThe apex of the spiritual path, panoramic views
8 AjHome family love infinite, community leaders, the corn stalk, bamboo shoot: strong yet flexible
9 IxFeminine power, magic, mother nature, jaguar medicine
10 Tz’ikinManifest your vision, eagle eye, prosperity
11 AjmaqWisdom of forgiveness in many directions
12 No’jMind over matter; intellectualizing one’s life’s experiences
13 TijaxUltimate healing and spirit connection; sharpest obsidian blade
Photo by Renato Danyi on Pexels.com

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