2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

The Heart as a Compass

Written in


May I be guided by the compass of my heart
May this life emerge, moment to moment, aligned with the love and awareness that is my deepest nature
May all beings awaken to the truth of who they are
May all beings touch great and natural peace
May all beings be free

-the Heart Compass Prayer

Is this the calm before the storm or after?
Am I really bored?
Am I actually in a rut?
Why must I always look forward and back?
When will I learn the lessons from the birds, bees, cats, dogs, and trees?
How is my truth changing?
How is our language evolving?

When is it now?
How long is your attention span?
Are you a digital native?
Am I an analog immigrant?
Where am I?
Where are you going?

When is it not now?
How do timelines, generations, paths, and ideas cross-pollinate and crash and diverge?
Who are my ancestors?
Who are my spirit guides?
Who are your heart teachers?
What guides your heart compass?

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