2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

1 Imox. A new dream conceived; a new vision being born into reality. What wants to be created through you? What is asking for form and energy?

A life well-lived is full of nature, presence, laughter, tears, creativity, connection, gratitude, loving kindness, compassion and (most of all) practice. Serving and benefitting others. Realizing self and all are ultimately one and the same.

Water lake canoe river sea sail swim
Sacred water
We drink bathe cook cleanse cry
Clouds, condensation, the cycle never dies
Upward spiraling, from crawling out of the primordial swamp to learning how to walk, soles to Earth
To fly, to float, to levitate
Or simply sit
Letting the breath breathe itself
Thank you thank you thank you

Photo by Henning Roettger on Pexels.com

The coming 13 days in the Mayan Calendar:

1 ImoxPotential + Potential = Watering Seeds of Manifestation
2 IqIn breath / Out breath, making choices for clear communication
3 Aq’ab’alGoing within to bring ideas into reality, darkness into light
4 K’atChoose what to carry forward, what to give away
5 KanOvercoming illusion and empowering others to do so too
6 KameShare your dream with family, ancestors
7 KejConnect with nature, mountains, forest. Ask for strength to make decisions
8 Q’anilCeremony of thanks for abundance, appreciate your garden
9 TojGive back, tithe, donate; appreciate the feminine, the women
10 Tz’iFaith in society; where is the injustice? What needs balance, fairness and love?
11 B’atzDistracted creative genius; go where your energy flows naturally
12 EBundling of life experiences through your journey; share about your travels
13 AjIn harmony with spirit; ask for guidance from the ancestors
Next trecena: Ix

“May our eyes and ears continue to open to hear and know our ancestors. May we remember the stories. May this story be food for your own.” ~Joy Harjo, Crazy Brave

Gayatri Mantra for Purification Practice

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