2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

“The Mayan people do not live in a certain place or country. Being Mayan is in one’s heart, it is in a dimension.” – Tata Thomas Walter Mendoza, Mayan Ajqij and Spiritual Guide

The Mayan Cosmovision is a worldview in which our interdependence with all of nature is explained through the wisdom of the Mayan calendar and the cycles of the sacred day count. This work reveals great mysteries to those who are aligned, grounded, and open.

You will be guided into daily meditation, rituals, or drum journeys to connect with the energies of the day in the Mayan calendar. This will help you understand how to work with the energies of the Mayan cosmovision and let this guide you into a natural creative flow and apply this to your daily life. These practices will likely open you up to a new perspective on life and facilitate a deeper connection with yourself and a more natural unfolding of your projects, purpose, and inspiration.

This retreat is unique in its offering to make the traditional Mayan Cosmovision wisdom accessible, by learning directly from traditional Mayan Spiritual guides.

Our first Mayan fire ceremony will be led by Mayan Ajq´ij (spiritual guide) called Tata Thomas. Our closing Mayan fire ceremony will be led by Mayan Ajq´ijab (spiritual guides) and traditional midwives Nana Ixquik and her mother Nana Rosalia.

All very well-known and respected Mayan elders who are wisdom keepers of the ancient Mayan traditions and carry deep wisdom and medicine. It is truly an honor and such a dream to bring these elders into our retreat.

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“A Mayan reading is not a divination, nor it is astrology. It is a decodification of your personal energies that determine the essence of who you are.”

-Tata Thomas Walter Mendoza, Mayan Ajq´ij (spiritual guide)


  • Learn how to integrate the Mayan calendar wisdom into everyday life
  • Unwind and center yourself with daily yoga and meditation practices
  • Open up to the deep Magic and healing medicine of the Mayan lands
  • Receive daily ritual journeys to align and awaken to your Soul self
  • Immerse yourself and fully relax into the lush beauty of Lake Atitlan
  • Understand your energies, gifts and soulpath through Mayan readings

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