2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

It’s the last day of June. We’re halfway through the 2021 calendar year. Here, the sky has turned cloudy after a glorious blue morning and the wind is rustling the leaves. A black dog and a black cat laze on the patio, two feet away from one another.

I am looking back and looking forward, yet rooted in the present. Reflecting on the year so far, the moves and changes, journeys and vicissitudes. Looking forward to the rest of the year: summer, fall, winter in my mind, but spring eternal here. Rain and then dryness, but always primavera.

And toward the end of the year, hoping to host a small group retreat. One woman is registered at the moment. She had booked it pre-COVID. Postponement, isolation, delay, fear, separation, confusion, and not-knowing seem to have been some key themes of 2020 and beyond. We’re settling into post-pandemic life and people are getting vaccinated and feeling the travel bug.

My auntie and her friend, who came on retreat with me in August 2019, are considering joining the circle in December. I’m daydreaming of other friends and relatives making their way here. A family reunion in this magical place I call home.

Family and friends who are family and strangers who will become friends, you are all invited with open arms.

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