2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Why lay yourself on the torturer’s rack of the past and future?

The mind that tries to shape tomorrow beyond its capacities
will find no rest. ~ Rumi, That lives in us

I am a planner
(Hard as I’ve tried not to be. I adore calendars, plotting, projections, itineraries, goals.)
And now there are no plans to be made
Instead: canceled, postponed to an unknown future date—or not
Living in the present has become essential

Find a place for the mind to rest
We are always meditating, not always choosing how or on what
Choose now
Not scrolling, seeking shock, surprise, entertainment, comfort, too much information
Not obsessing
(Compulsion in moderation)
Prioritize balance, grounding, connecting with Self, Family and Earth, which are inseparable, which are Life.

For years, normality has been stretched nearly to its breaking point, a rope pulled tighter and tighter, waiting for a nip of the black swan’s beak to snap it in two. Now that the rope has snapped, do we tie its ends back together, or shall we undo its dangling braids still further, to see what we might weave from them? ~ Charles Eisenstein

This body is my sacred earth
My lungs, my heart, are yours
The sacred earth that is our body
Wants to be fed whole foods
Natural, from seeds, soil, sun, water and magic
Locally grown, in your garden or at least not half a world away from it
With freshness, color, life force, medicinal, herbal potency
The sacred earth that is our body
Wants deep belly breaths
Wants mindful movement
Imaginative expansion
Remembering of oneness, love, inseparability

It’s okay to turn off the news and to sit, breathe, still.
It’s okay to feel oceanic feelings or none at all. ~ Bryonie Wise

It’s okay to feel despondent.
It’s okay to not know what to do.
It’s okay to slow down, to stop.
It’s okay to feel melancholy at the hour of another hazy sunset.
It’s okay to laugh out loud for no good reason.
Whatever you feel, it’s okay. It’s good to feel it. Acknowledge your aliveness. Document it, even, in a journal, a painting, a sketch, a song, photographs.

Things are always changing.

It’s okay to feel angry at irresponsible world leaders. Are they merely incompetent or truly evil? Either way, a lot of us are dying.

It’s okay to feel out of control. Realize that you never were in it.

Here, the breeze blows, the birds sing, the sun arcs across the sky. Everywhere, life goes on. Naturally.

We are inseparable.


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