2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

I am Nature

Written in


Nature as a reflection of our inherent nature.

I am the yellow cornfield.
I am the vast sky.
I am the green gray clouds of a storm brewing on an April morning.
I am the third eye of the hurricane.
I am the bucking tornado.
I am the temblor.
I am the wave that pulls everything to sea.
I am the purple jade at the bottom of the lake so deep no one knows its depth.
I am the rose petal floating on the sparkle.
I am the lilac cloud at sunset.
I am the crickets’ song.
I am the dark moon on the eve of the eclipse.
I am the lightning striking the tower.
I am the slow flow of lava.
I am the eruption followed by the ash sprinkle.
I am the crystalline core of the earth.
I am the stars. I am Venus. I am Mars.
I am the leaf.
I am the lioness.
I am a pebble.
I am la gatita.
I am a hummingbird. A vulture. An eagle. A deer.
I am a grain of sand.
I am a blade of grass.
I am a drop in the ocean.
I am nature and nature is me.


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