2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

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1. Winter (January, February, March): The Empress

Earth Mother, thank you for giving us all that you give. Balanced red root chakra, may we feel safe and secure.

May we be fully who we are.

May we learn to hold onto things less tightly. To have more patience and allow things to unfold as they will over time. May we trust in our intuition and act upon it.

May we let nature flow naturally. May we let our personal desires and dramas step back from the limelight. May we cultivate creative fertility and trust in endless abundance.

May we heal our mother wounds. May we stay connected with the unconditional love of the mother.

2. Spring (April, May, June): The Wheel of Fortune

There is an intelligent and orderly plan behind the apparently random changes in life.

The turn of the wheel of fortune leads us to become aware of the intelligent movement behind the wheel, the destiny we each carry deep within our soul.

The moving rim of the wheel is like the ever-evolving panorama of life in each passing moment, while the stillness at the center of the wheel represents the constant, unchangeable energy of essence.

May we live our dharma, our truth, our purpose.

May we connect with our own true source within.

3. Summer (July, August, September): Judgement

Judgement comes from the change that springs from logic and reason. Be prepared to make a major life decision that will potentially shape the next chapter of your story.

Judgement signifies discernment: knowing what to do and when and how to do it.

Our long-term plans and dreams are coming to fruition.

May we strike the balance between logic and intuition.

May we let go of judging ourselves and others too harshly.

May we cultivate the clarity and composure needed in decision making.

May we use our past karmic lessons to guide us in making the right choices.

4. Fall (October, November, December): The Emperor

Sky Father, thank you for all that you provide.

Shining pure white light at the crown chakra, connect us with the sky and all the universes.

May we mix the essential ingredients of discipline and foresight in achieving our visions and goals.

May we cultivate self-respect and compassion for all.

May we channel our rage in a productive manner.

Connecting with our inner father, our powerful masculine energy, we feel our power and potency. May we rise to the challenge of manifesting what needs to be manifested, building something beneficial, and establishing and maintaining the structure of our home and family.

Thank you for being here. Happy 2020 and beyond.

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