The E Trecena: 13 days on the Road of Life

Stairways, ladders, doors and paths
To heaven, to hell, to here and now
Unconditional love is present
Gratitude is present
Looking at the ground ahead of us
Gazing at the vastness of sky
One foot in front of the other
Step by step, change by tiny change
It’s all happening
We are ever arriving
Leaving our baggage at the door
Inviting more love, patience, presence, joy
Passing through portals
Soaking up energy and vitamin D
California dreams, Mexico discovery
Warm feathery nest beds
Cozy chats with old friends
Hot herbal tea and cookies
These are the days
This is the day
Thank you for this path
Thank you for the curves and crossroads along the way
Thank you for the choices
Thank you for the letting go
Thank you for the holding on

Learn more about the Trecena of E (Nov 27 to Dec 9, 2019) in the Mayan Calendar:
– Maya Portal
– The Four Pillars
Mayan Majix

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