2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Today is 1 Kej (deer). The next 13 days are embued with the energy of Kej, the wilderness, the four directions, the spiritual leader, humility, respect, power and  much more.

Autumn equinox
Change apparent
The gradual darkening into shorter days, longer nights
The crunch and color of leaves underfoot
The trees let them go, so effortlessly, so poignantly
Gathering winds and chilly breezes
Fire circles
Remembering and honoring the spirits of beloveds who’ve passed
Witches, ghosts, blood and bones of Halloween
Deer power

At a Mayan ceremony I attended in early July, the spiritual guide said, in Spanish (and I interpreted into English), “It’s better to be a deer than a horse. Why? The deer is free, wild, untamed, liberated. This is priceless.” A horse is strong and powerful, but a domesticated horse is contained, restrained, trained and certainly not free in comparison with its cousin the deer in the forest.

The global #climatestrike taking place this week, led by teenagers, is an inspiring example of Kej power. As an “adult” (though I often hardly feel like one and feel more like a 14 year old still on the inside), I feel ashamed that my generation hasn’t done more to address the problems of global warming, climate change, etc. In our defense, we are like frogs who’ve been sitting in slowly heating water in a pot. Now it’s near boiling and it’s the youth who are sounding the alarm while we old frogs enjoy the hot tub that’s bound to kill us or futilely try to jump out.

On a personal level, on the other hand, I am proud of the many ways in which I’ve reduced my carbon footprint over the past several years — no longer driving a car, using a dry composting toilet, eating more local, natural foods, and the like. There is always more to be done, and I hope the protests inspired by the young folk will create waves of meaningful change.

The next two weeks are about embracing the change of season, finding our strength, taking back our power, in a dignified, quiet, respectful manner. It is about finding the balance between discipline and freedom. It is about connecting with, appreciating and giving back to Mother Nature. It is about remembering that our own true nature is connected to the cycles of the earth, to the sun and moon, to the forests and mountains. It is about seeking the balance between head (logic) and heart (feeling). It is about becoming more ourselves, whole and full and more than enough in each moment of each passing day.

Learn more about the Trecena of Kej (Sept 23 to Oct 5, 2019):
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Sacred Road

brown deer at open field
Photo by Yoss Cinematic on Pexels.com

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