2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

The Ix Trecena: 13 Days of Earth Magic

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Feel the energy from the sky coming down into your heart on the exhale.
Feel the energy of the earth coming up into your heart with each inhale.
Feel where your body connects to the ground, to Mother Earth.
Notice sensations in the physical body. Listen to the sounds all around: your breath, the breeze, the birds, the people, the lapping lake, the hammer. Listen quietly, attentively.
Send gratitude and love to Mother Earth, thanking her for all she has provided us with, each day, each night, each season — without fail.

In the Mayan Calendar, the Trecena of Ix is a two-week period is all about our connection to Mother Earth and the magical soul of nature. It is a time to ask ourselves how we can connect more fully with nature and help sustain our planet.

According the Mayan Calendar Portal:

Ix embodies the very soul of Nature and the spirit, energy, force, and vitality of life and all living things. The nagual of Nature and Mayan altars, it symbolizes the sacred energy pulsing through running water such as streams and brooks, and the protective energy of places like plains, hills, and mountains.

Feline and feminine in nature, Ix represents innate intuition, curiosity, and the creative forces of the universe; in fact, this is the day sign that grants the spiritual and psychological strength to reach the highest levels of consciousness, which underpins mysticism and divination.  It also rules the seven human sins—from the Maya point of view: pride, ambition, envy, lies, crime, ingratitude, and ignorance through laziness.  The animal totem of Ix is the jaguar.

-Excerpt from The Serpent and the Jaguar: Living in Sacred Time by Birgitte Rasine, pp.134-135.  

Ix pertains to our connection to sacred sites, the old places that deepen our connection to Mother Earth. It empowers our own personal magic to come through in our thoughts, words and actions.

By finding our inner jaguar through quiet and solitude in nature, we can connect with our intuition and innate creativity. This is a time to give thanks for all we’ve received from Mother Earth, the food, the water, the shelter and so much more. It’s a time to give back by planting a tree, picking up litter or otherwise showing gratitude and care for our planet and all her habitats.

“Of all the signs, Ix expands the mind the most, providing the strength to reach the highest level of consciousness. This strength, combined with mental acuity, benefits the highest levels of mysticism… This day has a special power to change negative aspects. It is a day on which to withdraw, meditate, and reconsider life, to formulate a new strategy, and to solve problems. It is also a good day for inner strength and for magic and handling occult forces.” – Carlos Barrios, Book of Destiny

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