2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

My life has radically, gradually changed in the past ten years. Radical change takes its precious time. It happens a little bit every day. I am immeasurably more free than I was a decade ago, in many aspects. I still have a lot of work to do, lifetimes of it.

I used to drive a car and sit in traffic on the highway going to work in a gray office and sit at a gray cubicle on a computer doing boring ass work. Now I walk or take taxis and work at my home overlooking trees and lake—writing!

I used to teach 3rd grade in a classroom with many students and desks, chalkboards and overhead projectors. Now, our school is the world and our classroom our home and garden.

I used to teach yoga inside four walls inside rooms in gyms with the accompaniment of grunts, clanging weights and bad pop music. Now I teach on a wooden platform overlooking a pristine lake and volcanoes.

I used to be unhappily single; now I am not-unhappily married. Not always blissful, cause life ain’t a Hollywood movie. There are times of conflict and frustration, but there are more moments of contentment.

I used to be a prescription medicated or wild off-the-meds manic depressive living in the city, now I am a self-medicated meditator living in the woods.

I used to watch TV; now I watch the sun and moon traverse the sky.

I used to work for the weekend; now every day is a beautiful day.


Society tells us to hate Mondays and love Fridays. To “work hard” for a certain five days of the week and to “play hard” for two. And, in those five days, instead of merely working from eight o’clock to five-thirty or whatever, most people are working much longer hours and/or zoning out on their smartphones. They don’t have to clock in anymore because they never clock out.

Society tells us to have a house and a car, and lots and lots of things. Consumerism and capitalism are killing the earth. Would you rather have a bunch of pretty stuff now than a planet to live on later? Simply banning plastic is not enough. We have to stop producing it. We have to stop killing Mother Earth to create land for animals to be killed for their meat. We have to stop killing the oceans and all its inhabitants.

Society tells us to pay taxes, but those taxes are financing endless wars, endless terror, endless harm and pain. Those taxes are going into the wrong pockets. Most of the news aims to control and implant fear. Most churches aim to control and implant guilt and fill up those baskets of offerings in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Society tells us that our vote matters but all the elections are rigged, and we can’t revolutionize the system within the same system. We need something totally different. And it is happening. It is happening all the time, every minute. Each moment is a choice. Each breath is a gift. Each declaration of truth is power. Each individual action matters. Each awakened mind and heart radiates out to inspire those around it.

So, please quit working for the weekend. Quit selling your soul. Quit waking up with dread on Monday mornings. Quit buying things to fill a black hole. Quit thinking you are anything less than enough. Quit believing what other people say about you.

Start now. Start in this moment. Start here. Start doing more of what you love. Start moving from a place of love. Start seeing love in everything, everywhere. Start living from your heart.

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