2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus


“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.” ~ Gautama Buddha

A beloved sister, mother, healer and friend has died.

She could be free now from the cycles of birth and death and rebirth. Yet all who knew her know she will be back. She won’t stop helping and healing those who need help and healing in this dimension. We will meet again, and we will feel it when we see her in many forms.

It seemed like she would be around, in her humble, kind, wrinkled, gray-haired, natural form forever. And she does live on in the lives of countless people around the world whom she touched so deeply with her simple, loving presence. Including me.

Earth grandmother, tireless masterful energy healer, panther, woman with the red shoes and fabulous red glasses, Danish, Kirsten–pronounced Keer-sten not Curse-sten–an inspiration who felt like everyone’s best friend.

A Bodhisattva walking the Earth plane, she left her physical body at sunrise in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday, February 4, surrounded by loving family members. After a long, eventful, international life, after decades spent as a healer and lightworker, after a shockingly intense cancer, her body dissolved in a matter of months. Suffering has ended and transformed into liberation.

She floated on higher realms yet humbly brought us her soulful eyes and boundless love and quiet joy and comfort with silence.

I had several energy healing sessions with Kirsten over the course of the past few years. Her work was quiet, soft and subtle. Yet it shifted things in me profoundly; it helped me in ways I don’t fully understand even now, yet. After each session, we would sit together silently for a few moments. Her gaze poured out loving compassion. I usually cried at that moment, releasing tears, letting go, expressing gratitude.

After the last session I had with her, about a year ago, she had a stack of books she was giving away. I asked her if I could have the Tarot card deck and book from the pile. Of course, she said. They’re yours. I was thrilled, since I’d lost my previous deck several months prior. Now I cherish those cards more than ever.

Kirsten’s favorite word, and action, was: allow. She would say is with such devotion, emphasis and wise knowing. Allow.

She was an inspiration. She is an inspiration. She was an angel. She is an angel.

A stunningly beautiful ceremony was held last evening in her honor. It was 1 Kame in the Mayan Calendar. Death. Transformation. The beginning and the end. Also Valentine’s Day, better known at the Day of Love, Friendship and Care here in Latin America. A perfect celebration of her life, held in the powerful Tara Temple space where so much potent positive energy resides.

A special woman with an immense heart is soaring up into the pure white light from which she came. A gathering of friends old and newer sat together in circle and sang and cried and spoke softly, passing burning sage around as a talking stick, sharing sweet stories, memories, true poetry from the heart. Laughter and sadness co-mingled.

Wise flower of
Calm, quiet joy.
Her love and energy
will stay with us always.

And now, I know this is what I want said of me, when I die:

My life was better for having known her. She enriched my life with her kindness, compassion, love, laughter and presence.

That is all. That is enough.

Mahatma Kirsten, Santa Kirsten, beloved Bodhisattva Kirsten: we will always love and miss you. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

2 responses to “Our Lives are Better for Having Known Her.”

  1. Bonny

    This is a beautiful story of a kind, loving person that I never met, yet I feel I know. Consider yourself lucky, people like your newest Angel don’t walk into our life’s every day. So grateful that I came across this story.

  2. Thanks for reading and leaving such a thoughtful note, Bonny!

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