2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

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The rain has been dripping down. Steady, light, nearly constant for the past day and a half. This is what we asked for, but now we complain. Instead of dancing in the rain and celebrating, we hide from it, wait for it to stop.

The plants, trees, earth and lake are graciously accepting the rain. Drip, drip, drip. I feel like curling back up in bed, which I probably will for another half hour. Yesterday, home all day with an energetic little girl and a persistent headache. Today, grateful that the headache has subsided. Breathing, writing, preparing to face whatever this day brings. The birds are singing in the rain.

Hurricane Michael followed by a storm named Nadine. Category 4, aiming to hit the Florida panhandle. I guess that’s where this rain is coming from. Much needed for the crops but is it too little too late? Better than nothing? We’ll be grateful when the sun is shining again and the mud dries up.

I am daydreaming, not meditating. I am writing things for other people, not myself. Usually, they are interesting and enable me to learn something new. Prebiotics is a thing, for example. I have got the healthy wellness inspirational mindfulness yoga niche down pat. Brilliant how things flow when we do what we love and care about. Nasty how it all scrunches up and flips out when we are forced, or force ourselves, into being fake, doing something primarily for the money, sell our souls to buy more crap.

My twenty year high school reunion was last weekend. I had zero desire to attend. My graduating class had almost eight hundred kids in it. I knew maybe a quarter of them.  I’m hosting a mini reunion in mid-November with a handful of friends from those days. The nineties! It will be my first Thanksgiving in Texas in a decade. Two weeks and two days we’ll be there with my family, the TV, stores, cars, going places, playgrounds, toys, everything and more. How different my daughter’s childhood is than my own was. I’d like to write a book about that someday.

December takes us on another pilgrimage to Suramerica,. Oh yes, it’s all happening. Navidad and our daughter’s golden birthday and Carnaval de blancos y negros in the south of Colombia with my husband’s family.

Careful what you wish for; it just may come true.

Enjoy the fall!


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