2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

“Give thanks for the water that crosses your lips, blesses your body and falls from the skies of your beautiful eyes.” ~ Bryonie Wise


In our rushed, overstimulated culture of incessant media and pleas for help from all corners of the globe via crowdfunding and online petitions, it is easy to become desensitized. We need to re-sensitize ourselves and wake up to the facts.

Water is life.

The people are coming together in a powerful way. After 500 years of oppression, land-grabbing, mistreatment of Native Americans by white colonizers, everything is coming to a head at Standing Rock right now.

The system, the authorities, the corporations wanting the pipeline to be built are willing to use harsh, violent, harmful methods to dissuade the protestors.

We cannot look away, eat our turkey, watch our football and sleep in our warm beds without remembering those struggling at Standing Rock and countless other places around the world, for the simple right to pure water, enough food, shelter, love and safety.

On Saturday, November 26th, at 3:00pm Central Time, thousands of the water protectors who have gathered at the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota will go down to the shore of the Missouri River for a group meditation and prayer.

We can join them from afar. Learn more here.

Other ways to help:

  • Call the White House: 202-446-1111.
  • Sign the petition.
  • Donate to the cause.
  • Educate yourself on what is happening
  • Talk about it, write about it, expand awareness of this issue which is largely NOT being covered by the mainstream media

“I am Dakota. Water is my first medicine. We believe it to be our first medicine. They used our medicine as a weapon. The temperature here last night was 23 degrees. They knew what they were doing…They used it to inflict pain and suffering on the water protectors.” ~ Angela Bibbens

We stand in solidarity.

We pray for peace.

We take action to support important movements for equal rights, access to natural resources, and respect of ancestral lands.

Namaste. In lak’ech. (I am another you.)


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank ou.

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