2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus


Written in


For better or worse smartphone touchscreen spellchecker auto-correct pop culture computers on steroid wheels
girls just wanna have fun and lose belly fat
Americana pajamas kindle fire charger wire
TV news at six and ten strip malls box stores eco what?
SUVs digitized
analog in Antique shops

Too Much of everything, not enough Nothing.
And yet it is all so perfect and beautiful

Santa Fe, holy faith, the great SouthWest
Navajo Apache Pueblo Indians Turquoise Silver Pottery Tapestry Painting

Vast sky, billowing clouds, open spaces, adobe art galleries
Blue and brown, like walking through a breezy dream

Heading westward toward the setting sun and the full moon rising
Summer slips away, and all we have is now

New Mexico, Old Mexico
living the present, remembering the memories, planning for future flights

Needs and resources identified, I sit rediscovering the missing peace.
Breathe, soften, listen, repeat.

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