Love & Gratitude: 4 Elemental Practices

1280px-Volcanoes_at_Lake_Atitlan_2The foundation of happiness is gratitude. The foundation of gratitude is love. Loving life, living presently, loving whatever arises and whomever crosses our path.

Here are four simple practices based on the elements that can be practiced daily or at least regularly…

Blessed be the Water

Watch a documentary like Water: The Great Mystery or The Secret Life of Water. Water is amazing. We are water. Learn how the actual structure of water is changed by music, words, thoughts.

Stick a sign on your water filter or dispenser that says “Love and gratitude.” It’s just another little way to remind ourselves to be grateful for our access to pure drinking water.

Blessed be the Earth

Gaze at a tree, a flower, a plant, the sky. Any part of nature. Feel a sense of belonging, right where you are, on the planet. Send loving wishes to Pachamama, mother Earth.

Blessed be the Air

Breathe in gratitude. Breathe out love. Take a deep breath in and reach your arms up for the heavens. Fresh air. Conscious breathing. Pause throughout your day to just sit or stand still and breathe for a minute. It’ll change your life. Breathe in love. Breathe out gratitude.

Blessed be the Fire

Light a candle (or a bonfire), say a prayer, give thanks for fire, heat, the sun, life. Meditate on the flame. Dance. Reflect. Celebrate.

One response to “Love & Gratitude: 4 Elemental Practices”

  1. Your writings always speak to me & generally I find myself taking a deep breath & smiling while reading your words. I am old enough to be your mother! Hope to come to Guatemala again some day. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann

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