2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

This striking image and these simple words spoke right to my heart this morning.
It’s time to redefine the oft-repeated “Golden Rule,” that we must treat others as we would like ourselves to be treated.

Let’s treat ourselves as we would like ourselves to be treated

Ourselves encompass me, you, us, Earth, animals, plants, air, water and all the rest of the beings (“sentient” or otherwise) in the universe.
D21360_10152924672230123_1193948433_no not obey your head; mind your heart!
It’s not that we want to pay no attention to our head-mind… it can be quite helpful with calculations, task-management, goal-setting, appointment keeping and the like.
Nonetheless, I am striving to pay much more attention to my heart-mind… I am constantly remembering:
I am he, as you are me, as we are she, and we are all together. I am the worried walrus. I am the lazy kitten. I am the Redwood roots. I am the blooming butterfly. I am the inchworm. I am Lake Atitlan. I am the sun, moon and stars.
I am me, reaching out to you, reminding us of our essential us-ness.
Happy Day of the One Love!

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