Tarot Insight for Spring Equinox

The choir of birds
Sing gospel
To me, hear now


The final outcome is death.

Ain’t it the truth?

Ashes to ashes to dust to no longer occupying this body mind spirit heart

My fear is being a hanged woman

Stuck in flux, bound upside down

The world of my ego wants me to seek justice, balance and fairness for all beings. Including myself.

My heart is broken, pierced, cut, open

I am blindfolded and looking within for strength, for peace. It is there.

The future isn’t going to  bring any salvation, any immediate clear, clean resolution, any enlightenment

My goal and destiny is our goal and destiny: living our purpose; giving our gifts to the community, local and global

The High Priestess of my former self who needed a guru, a lineage, a guide, no longer seeks but rather finds wisdom inside my chest and on the soles of my feet.

The Queen of Wands wants me to remember the power of my thoughts and the radical acceptance of all that arises from benevolence to pity to joy to fear.

I am juggling infinity. Finding balance in paradox and duality. Equilibrium between
grace and grit
being and doing
acceptance and action
contentment and discontent
shadow and light
creation and destruction
masculine and feminine
yin and yang

And at the center of it all, here we are celebrating life, home, family
creating space for love, joy, sadness, curiosity, confusion and all else

Thank you, teachers
Thank you, cards
Thank you, ears, eyes, hands, feet, lungs, heart, stomach, brain

Thank you for serving me every moment of every day of this splendid, precious life.

A holy moment
Barefoot eyes bright
Heart splayed open



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