2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus


The period between the new moon and the full moon is the waxing time, and the two weeks between the full moon and the new moon is the waning time. So, each four weeks, there is the week of the new moon or dark moon, the waxing week, the full moon week, and the waning week.

Generally, the new moon is a time for planting seeds, setting intentions, and beginning new projects or new phases of an existing project. It is a period when we are endowed with increased attention, pep, social energy and the capacity to perform.

Two weeks later, the full moon energy generates an increase in self-awareness, focus, solitary energy and the ability to see things from a clearer vantage point.

The week after the full moon is a time for celebrations, reward-driven learning and revision or editing of our plans and manuscripts.


The week prior to the new moon is less reflective and a better time to focus on structural tasks such as organizing, cleaning and simplifying your living space.

Thanks to living in the heart of the Mayan highlands here in Guatemala, I’ve been inspired by the wisdom of the Maya. The Mayan Calendar, which is an ancient lunar system with incredible intricacies that offers illuminating wisdom regarding the energies of each day as well as our unique personalities.

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new trecena (cycle of 13 days) and the day is 1 Water. Wednesday was 2 Dog, Thursday 3 Monkey, Friday 4 Road, and so on.

In The Book of Destiny, Carlos Barrios writes that the water sign (Toj/Muluc in Mayan language), “means Tojil, the Sun God, atonement, offering, payment. It is the fire of the spirit of Ajaw, Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth. It is the raindrop, the start of communication from higher life. This day lifts us up to the same level as the supreme deity so that we can be judged benevolently. It reconciles us with life and brings hope.”

Let’s take a look at the recommended activities for each day in the cycle of 13, based on its number tone:

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  1. Pharoh

    What type of yoga should I start trying , as I learn the energies of the natural calendar …

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