2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Know Your Nahual: Mayan Day Signs & Meanings

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I live in the land of the Maya.

The Mayan people are astonishing and beautiful. They are incredibly strong and, in my experience, often kind, caring, grounded, wise and connected to the natural rhythms of the Earth, sun and moon.

For the past several years, I’ve been studying Mayan Cosmovision—specifically the sacred Mayan calendar with its system of 13 tones and 20 nawales (often spelled ‘nahuales’), or day signs.

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in dozens of Mayan ceremonies over the past 7 years. These are traditional fire ceremonies in which a Mayan spiritual guide opens a portal to commune in prayer with the spirits. We make offerings to the fire and the 20 gods that rule the 20 day signs.

Each day has both a number and a sign. There are 260 unique number/sign combinations in all.

The number and sign that occurred on the day of your birth are your personal day sign. Discover your Mayan birth sign is by using this site. The birth sign has two parts: a galactic tone, which is a number from one to 13, and a nawal, which is a day sign typically associated with spirit animals and natural element. There are 20 nawales in all. I am a 6 Kej (Deer).

The calendar number and sign that occurred on the day of your birth tell you your personal number and day sign. Discover your Mayan birth sign by using this site.

Here are my interpretations of the Mayan astrological system that I’ve studied:

13 Numerical Tones

1. Unity, solitude, solidarity, whole, first, beginning, self-guiding, complete, solo

2. Duality, dynamic, duos, desire for reunion, yin/yang

3. Action, will, power, effort, expression, rhythm, motion

4, Heart, love, action, stability, direction, dimension

5. Empowerment, communication, networks, investigation, listening

6. Flow, mind, thoughts into action, intuition, energy work, dynamic developments

7. Spirit, reflective, mirror, ethics, purpose, goals, spiritual path, practice, soulfulness

8. Justice, love, fairness, balance, organization, aura, pain-body, healing

9. Abiding love, patience, seeing the big picture, persevering, completing the circle

10. Creation, manifestation, collaboration, responsibility

11. Resolution, answers, signs, change, simplicity, improvement, refinement

12. Wisdom, understanding, retrospect, connecting parts to whole, interdependence

13. Completion, ascension, renewal, trying new things, trying again, finishing a cycle

~The Mayan Oracle

20 Birth Signs/Nahuales

IMOX – Crocodile people – intuitive, emotional, artistic, creative

IQ – Wind people – imaginative, romantic, nature lovers

AK’ABAL – Night people – soft-spoken, diplomatic, intelligent

K’AT – Net people – curious, perceptive, fiery

KAN – Snake people – powerful, intense, magnetic

KAME – Death people – peaceful, patient, intuitive

KEJ – Deer people – mighty, tenacious, independent

Q’ANIL – Star people – friendly, emotional, sensitive

T’OJ – Water people – warm, sincere, sensitive dreamers

T’ZI – Dog people – brave, loyal, unconditional love

B’ATZ – Monkey people – creative, clever, charismatic

E – Road people – practical, industrious, organized

AJ – Corn people – calm, creative, practical, good with money

IX – Jaguar people – courageous, curious, intelligent

T’ZI’KIN – Eagle people – friendly, sharp, smart, spiritual, sociable

AJMAQ – Vulture people – wise, introspective, patient, practical

N’OJ – Earth people – talented, analytical, visionary

TIJAX – Knife people – active, sharp, deeply challenged yet able to heal

KAWOQ – Storm people – tender, sensitive, nurturing, feminine

AJPU – Sun people – strong, healthy, positive, enthusiastic, brave

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