2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Blast from the Past Bio

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Feliz ThanksgivingI have this I Love Lucy lunchbox my parents gave me several years ago which contains the few photos and mementos I have saved and kept with me over what seems like eons and all my moves from place to place.

The other day, I unearthed a little folded piece of paper, on which is a typed bio of yours truly, written by one of my ad agency colleagues circa 2002. It says, and I quote:

Michelle Fajkus, Writer/Proofreader

Michelle Fajkus is yoga-teaching, proofreading, world-traveling, film-reviewing, English-as-a-second-language-teaching, media-planning, environment-protecting copywriter. How’s that for versatility? These days writing and proofreading duties for just about every client on Tocquigny’s roster occupy most of her time. That means when she’s not aligning chakras as Toquigny’s resident lunchtime yoga guru, she’s realigning copy for greater clarity and grace. Michelle got her start with Toquigny back in the Spring of 1999. Since then she has worked miracles in just about every department in the agency, all the while working towards her BS in Advertising from The University of Texas. Looks like all that yoga is paying off. They just don’t come any more vocationally flexible than Michelle.

I’m so glad I saved that piece of paper for over a decade. So much is the same, yet so much has changed.

I am grateful for my background in advertising. I learned a lot of skills that I still use to this day. I am also grateful to no longer be working in that field.

I am grateful for my experience with yoga, even and especially on days like today when my chakras do not feel altogether aligned.

I am grateful for words from the past for reminding me of who I was then — and for bringing into greater focus who I am now.

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