2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

4 Books I Wish Everyone on Earth Would Read

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There are books that are great.

There are books worth re-reading.

There are books that change lives and open minds.

Then, in a category all to themselves, there are books I wish everyone on Earth would read. I wrote a list of them last year. And today, I’m inspired to do so again.

I’ve read these four books in the recent past and each and every one has had a major paradigm-shifting effect on my consciousness.

May this list be of benefit!

1. The Sacred Ego: Making Peace with Ourselves and Our World by Jalaja Bonheim

This book arrived in my life as if by miracle. It was a Saturday morning; we were packing and getting ready for a week on the beach in Belize. The author contacted me through my website to offer me a copy of her recently released book. Sure, I replied. Thanks!

I read it over the course of the next few weeks. (I didn’t get to read as much as I’d hoped during the beach trip due to the precedence that playing with my toddler daughter took over peaceful reading in the hammock.) As soon as I finished, I immediately started re-reading.

The Sacred Ego is a clearly-written, essential read for all conscious global citizens. Its name comes from the way in which Jalaja views the ego, which in contrast with so much New-Age literature is that the ego can be difficult and cause us challenges in life, and for this reason, it is actually sacred and worthy of our appreciation and honor.

Jalaja’s concise anecdotes and her perspective come from her experience as a relational educator who leads circles internationally, notably with women in Palestine and Israel. She compassionately illuminates where we currently stand as humankind (in crisis), yet she tells us how each of us can support the unprecedented transformation of the collective consciousness happening in the world today. Her work also features an appendix with loads of simple yet powerful journaling and meditative exercises.

Seriously, drop everything and read this book!

Read on to see the other 3 book recommendations.

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