2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Writing Down the Chakras

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Writing is an art, a gift, a practice.

I practice and teach writing as taught by Natalie Goldberg in her numerous and fabulous books, primarily the classic, Writing Down the Bones.

Her few, simple rules for writing include:

  • keep your hand moving
  • don’t reread (until after the writing session)
  • don’t edit
  • let go of control
  • don’t worry about correctness (spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, or even making sense)
  • Let your heart-mind stream its consciousness onto the page

She encourages writing by hand, with a pen or pencil, in a notebook. Especially in our day and age of so much screen time, so much sitting the fluorescent glow of computers, writing longhand is a wonderfully prehistoric thing to do.

Writing practice, like any practice, is ideally done daily or as frequently as possible. Writing is a skill that improves with practice. Everyone can write; anyone with intention can be a writer. We cannot only write when we are inspired. Writing practice is the foundation of our mindfulness practice and our published works, as well.

Here are some suggested sentence starters to use during your writing practice, categorized by chakra…

The root of the solution: Muladhara ChakraRoot / 1st chakra

I am ___________.
I come from ____________.
My roots are __________.
I feel safe and secure when ____________.
I feel unsafe and insecure when __________.
I connect with Earth by _______________.
I need _____________.

second_chakraSacrum / 2nd chakra

I want ___________.
I feel ___________.
I desire ___________.
I sense ____________.
I move ___________.
I flow with ___________.
I connect with water by __________.

third_chakra_imageSolar Plexus / 3rd chakra

I will ___________.
I do ___________.
I’ll go ___________.
I am now _____________.
My passion is ___________.
My purpose is ___________.
With my effort, I ___________.
I connect with fire by ____________.
I manifest __________.
I create ___________.
I destroy ___________.

fourth_chakra_imageHeart / 4th chakra

I love ___________.
I give ___________.
I freely share ____________.
My heart is ___________.
I care about _____________.
I cultivate compassion by _________________.
I am devoted to _________________.
I adore ________________.
When I was a child, I loved _______________.
I am grateful for ___________.
I appreciate ________________.
May all beings ______________.

fith_chakra_imageThroat / 5th chakra

I listen ___________.
I hear ___________.
I speak ___________.
I say ____________.
I express _________________.
I communicate ________________.
I write ________________.
I convey ______________.
My voice is ___________.

sixth_chakra_imageThird eye / 6th chakra

I wonder ______________.
I see ___________.
I visualize ___________.
I look within and ___________.
I feel intuitively that ___________.
I imagine __________.
I close my eyes and __________________.
I open my eyes and _________________.
I envision ________________.

seventh_chakra_imageCrown / 7th chakra

I connect with ___________.
I believe ___________.
My spirit ___________.
My soul ___________.
I have faith in ___________.
I trust ___________.
I am inter-being with ___________________.
I am interconnected with _________________.
God is _______________.
The universe is _____________.
Life is _________________.

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