2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

My Life on Paper

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Hey, yall.

It’s Friday.

Outside, the soft breeze is blowing, and it looks like it will rain in a little while. I have been online too much today. I am working away on lots of little things. I am about to unplug and go breathe and play with my daughter and hug my husband.

But first, this post! In revising this website as I tend to do seasonally in great spurts of sudden enthusiasm, I had updated my resume/bio section to say the following:


  • Yoga Freedom, Founder/Director (2002-present)
  • EnlightenEd, Co-creator (2014-present)
  • Villa Sumaya Retreat Center, Retreat Coordinator (2015-present)
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) School Teacher (2006-2015)
  •  Advertising, Marketing, Copywriting (1999-2005)
  • Semester abroad at the University of London; traveled to Wales, Ireland, Spain & France (Fall 1999)
  • Lived in the San Francisco Bay area and ran Yoga Freedom, learning entrepreneurship by fire (2003-2004)
  • Completed 10-day silent Vipassana meditation course in Texas & 3-week Spanish-immersion course in Mexico (2007)
  • Solo trip to northern India for 5 weeks; completed another 10-day Vipassana course (Summer 2008)
  • Moved to Guatemala and became an expat (2009)
  • Gave birth to a daughter, Jade; traveled in the US, Mexico, Ecuador & Colombia; got married (2013)

And then I deleted it because it was on the home page. I don’t need to share all these details on the home page. I need to share them, and many more, in my memoir, which I am finally back to writing!

But I couldn’t just delete it forevermore. No, I had to cut and paste it to this little post here. (What would we ever do without cut and paste?)

This is my life on paper/on screen. It sounds good. It sounds ideal. And my life IS good and ideal for me at this moment. But it is not perfect. Perfection is an evil, nonexistent creation of the consumer monkey mind, that nagging feeling that always leaves us seeking more, unfulfilled with the tiny joys of the mundane.

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