2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Stories We Share: Nature Stories, Myths & Fairy Tales

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“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Phillip Pullman

Stories are more than reminders of our childhood. Stories tell timeless truths that transcend our overly active analytical brains, open our hearts and spark our imaginations.

Everyone loves to relax into a good story, but as teachers, parents and learners we don’t always have the time to sift through the abundance of materials in libraries or online to find stories that open (rather than fill or contaminate our minds) and that appeal to the ageless learner in all of us.

That is why we collected over 40 nature stories, myths & fairytales from Project Gutenberg and created Stories We Share: Nature Stories, Myths & Fairy Tales.

This book is a collection of over 40 timeless tales that can be used to frame lessons, whether in the traditional classroom setting, an alternative learning environment or at home. By opening a lesson or presentation with a story, we invite our audience to enter a state of child-like wonder, the ideal state for learning. By closing the lesson with the ending of the story, learnings will be more memorable and able to integrate more deeply.

These short stories, which can be read within minutes, have been artfully selected to include ancient wisdoms that carry intrinsic value and lend themselves to oral retelling, for generations to come, just as they have arrived here in the 21st century through storytellers of old. Each story explores or explains an aspect of the natural world and appeals to the inquisitive nature and creator within each of us. These are not the types of stories that need to be analyzed to be effective or enjoyable; these stories are simply to be experienced.

Download a free pdf copy of Stories We Share.


Thank you, Wen Hsu, for donating your illustration for the book cover.

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