2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

From Objects to Subjects

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What if students were the subjects and subjects were merely the objects?

What if Art and Music were core classes instead of electives?

What is Sex Ed. included discussions about intimacy and emotionally safe sex?

What if P.E. was more than physical and taught mindbody awareness and cooperation over competition?

What if Math equated to nature’s designs rather than the economy?

What if Science let go of trying to control so many variables and reintroduced alchemy, mysticism and wonder so evolution and creationism could co-exist?

What if History moved beyond names, dates and places and taught us to let go of our individual and collective patterns – in the present?

What if Literature let the students choose their own books and poetry was given as much importance as prose?

What if Health was holistic and Life Skills were infused into each subject, every lesson?

What if computer courses taught self-regulation and the importance of communication and connections, on and offline?

What if vocational training was about how to discover a calling and all courses provided hands-on learning?

What if the school cafeteria served fresh produce from the student-led school garden?

What if school counsellors were healers, trained in the oldest and newest techniques, who taught students how to feel whole?

by Irmeli Aro
by Irmeli Aro

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