2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

I’m psyched about this year and the potential it holds. Here are eight suggestions on how to make 2015 our best year yet. May they be of benefit!

More mindfulness

Mindfulness is more than just a buzz word. It is both a practice and a mental state that involves paying attention to the present moment experience with compassion and openness, and it is something we can all cultivate more through our day-to-day lives and habits. Becoming more conscious of our words, feelings, thoughts, behavior, desires and dreams is a wonderful thing that offers amazing, truly life-changing benefits to the devoted practitioner. The great thing about mindfulness is that it can be accomplished through any activity: sitting meditation, yoga, walking, eating, talking, bowling, flying kites, you name it.

Less judgment

To each her own. We cannot change anyone but ourselves, we can only influence others. And the best way to influence others is through modeling. Judgment and criticism are part of our human nature, and that’s fine to a certain extent. But it’s no fun to be excessively judgmental and critical. Let it go. Let’s stop comparing, competing and ranking ourselves and instead strive to collaborate, cooperate and communicate better.

More movement

For me, that means yoga, walking, biking and swimming. For you, it might mean playing a sport, running, hiking mountains, climbing rocks. Whatever it is, do it! Move your body, free your mind, revitalize your spirit.

Less unhealthy consumption

I ate a lot of junk over my Christmas break in the United States; thank goodness it was only two weeks long. I drank soda, ate cake, Tex-Mex, chips and dips and all the things that I normally don’t consume. I watched lots of TV. I tried going shopping, but I couldn’t handle it. I’m not saying never go shopping or eat junk food or watch TV, just try doing so in moderation rather than excess.

More fruits and veggies

And nuts. Unprocessed foods. Things that come straight from the earth, from a plant, not a factory.

Less mindless words

This is a tough one. Gossip is no good. Nor speaking just to hear yourself talk. Words are powerful. Use them wisely and think of the effect they have on others.

More gratitude

What are you thankful for today? There is so much goodness in our lives and in the world. It’s essential to remember and express gratitude for people, things, places. The little things. The joys and sadnesses of life. The butterfly that lands on your hand. The tears of stress being released. Gratitude is the foundation of happiness.

More conscious learning

Learn about your own ways of learning. What do you want to learn? What books are you reading? What words are you writing? Who are you listening to? What are you absorbing? How can you learn more about consciousness, peacemaking, community building, and whatever other personal passions you have? How can you teach, mentor and influence others?

Please feel free to add your ideas and suggestions in the comments.


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