2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Conscious Learning, Conscious Teaching

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Even if you’re not a teacher, you’re a teacher.

So, what are you teaching yourself? What are you teaching others?

What are you learning?

Learning is a lifelong process. Learning happens from the moment of birth (actually, before) until our last exhale.

Failure is learning. We learn by looking, listening, reading, watching, but most of all by doing. And by teaching others.

At all times, we are learning 1,001 things we don’t even realize we’re learning. Our human minds are just that brilliant.

Conscious learning starts with the basics: breathing and relaxing.
Conscious learning is dynamic, ever changing and moving.
Conscious learning is getting in touch with our inner purpose and innate power.
Conscious learning means loving ourselves, each other and the process. Choosing compassion, collaboration and creativity over negativity.
Conscious learning is about communicating clearly — reading, writing, speaking, listening and expressing.
Conscious learning taps in to our imagination and intuition.
Conscious learning incorporates continuous reflection and integration.

So, be curious and reflect every day. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself these sacred, mundane questions in the quiet space of each dawn or dusk.

What am I learning? What am I teaching? How am I experiencing this moment?

Listen to the answers; they just might teach you something that could change your life.


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