2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

101 Ways to Heal Your Chakras.

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1st Chakra

Location: Root/base of the spine
Sanskrit: Muladhara/”root support”
Color: red
Element: earth
Issues: stability, survival, unity, identity, ego, birth, death
Associated with: legs, feet, bones, adrenal gland, large intestine, teeth, spinal column
Governs: perception of the physical world; motivation and intent, birth, work, money, eating, digestion
Malfunction: weight problems, eating disorders, constipation, sciatica, arthritis, knee problems

Healing Techniques

Music: tribal drums; root chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am Earth. I am here. I am solid. I am alive. I am beginning anew.
Yoga poses: mountain, squat, standing forward bend, garland, child’s
Connect with: Mother Earth/pacha mama, the soles of the feet, root lock/mula bandha
Pranayama: Ujjayi breath
Practice: Hatha yoga, yin yoga
Meditation: breath awareness

2nd Chakra

Location: Sacrum/center of pelvis
Sanskrit: Svadistana/”sweetness”
Color: orange
Element: water
Issues: duality, choice, desire, emotions, sexuality
Associated with: the liquid part of the body, circulatory and urinary systems
Governs: feelings of creativity; the intimacy and vulnerability of sexual attraction; the ability to produce and nurture our own children
Malfunction: impotence, frigidity, uterine/bladder/kidney problems, lower back pain

Healing Techniques

Music: jazz; sacral chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am change. I am growth. I am desirable. I am dynamic. I am flowing with grace.
Poses: Warrior 1, Warrior 2, lizard, pigeon, hanumanasana (“the splits”)
Connect with: the hips
Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing
Practice: Tantra yoga, vinyasa flows
Meditation: meditation on sensation

3rd Chakra

Location: Solar plexus/navel
Sanskrit: Manipura/”Lustrous gem”
Color: yellow
Element: fire
Issues: power, will, strength, courage, effort
Associated with: adrenal glands, pancreas, liver, stomach, nervous system; regulation and distribution of metabolic energy
Governs: emotional issues, personal power, self-respect, courage, healthy humility; learning the power of grace

Malfunction: ulcers, diabetes, digestive disorders, muscular problems

Healing Techniques

Music: rock; solar plexus playlist
Affirmations: I am powerful. I am fierce. I am capable. I am energetic. I can change my life.
Poses: single leg lifts, double leg lifts, boat, eagle, plank
Connect with: the core, abdominal lock/ uddiyana bandha
Pranayama: breath of fire
Practice: karma yoga
Meditation: meditation on emotion

4th Chakra

Location: Heart/center of chest
Sanskrit: Anahata/”unstruck sound”
Color: green
Element: air
Issues: love, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, devotion, generosity
Associated with: thymus gland, lungs, hands, heart, blood; immune and endocrine systems.
Governs: love, compassion, unconditional acceptance
Malfunction: high blood pressure, respiratory problems, heart and lung problems, feeling heartbroken

Healing Techniques

Music: classical, heart chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am fresh. I am clean. I am unstruck. I am unstuck. I am loving. I am loved.
Poses: standing back bend, camel, reverse warrior, triangle, bridge, wheel
Connect with: the heart, the breath, the wind, maitri
Pranayama: full yogic breath
Practice: Bhakti yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga
Meditation: forgiveness, Metta/loving kindness

5th chakra

Location: Throat/center of neck
Sanskrit: Vissudha/”With purity”
Color: turquoise/sky blue
Element: sound, ether
Issues: communication, expression, creativity, speech, listening
Associated with: thyroid and parathyroid glands, lungs, vocal cords, shoulders, neck, arms, hands
Governs: expression of thoughts and feelings, finding our own truth and relearning the ability to express ourselves
Malfunction: colds, thyroid problems, ear/hearing problems, sore throats, speech problems

Healing Techniques

Music: World, throat chakra playlist
Affirmations: I am open. I am honest. I am expressive. I am empowered.
Poses: camel, shoulder stand, fish, neck rolls, cobra
Connect with: the throat, throat lock/Jalandhara bandha
Pranayama: bumblebee breath
Practice: chanting, Mantra yoga
Meditation: Tonglen

6th Chakra

Location: third eye/between, slightly above and behind eyebrows
Sanskrit: Ajna/”Wisdom center”; perception and command
Color: indigo/midnight blue
Element: light
Issues: intuition, insight, intellect, imagination
Associated with: pineal gland; visual input from our two physical eyes and our “third eye” of psychic perception
Governs: spirituality and the search for meaning in life, visualization, inner awareness and witness consciousness
Malfunction: blindness, headaches, nightmares, eye strain, blurred vision

Healing Techniques

Music: soul, third eye playlist
Affirmations: I am looking. I am seeing. I am noticing. I am intuitive. I connect with my inner wisdom.
Poses: child’s, cobbler’s, savasana, locust, bow
Connect with: the forehead, the present moment, the inner self
Pranayama: kapalabhati breathing
Practice: Yantra yoga
Meditation: Vipassana/insight meditation

7th Chakra

Location: crown/top of head
Sanskrit: Sahasrara/”thousandfold”
Color: violet or white
Element: thought
Issues: divinity, wisdom, connectivity, inner peace, enlightenment
Associated with: pituitary gland
Governs: our connection to the divine, the universe, God, our Buddha Nature, a higher intelligence; living our Truth; willingness to surrender
Malfunction: depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, feeling disconnected or disjointed

Healing Techniques

Music: the sound of silence
Affirmations: I am. I am here, now. I am Buddha. I am the church.
Poses: headstand, rabbit, downward dog, easy pose, half-lotus, lotus
Connect with: the top of the head, the sky, the universe
Pranayama: ocean breath
Practice: Raja and jnana yoga
Meditations: Zazen, pure awareness, mindfulness

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