2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

28 Ways to be (More) Real.

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  1. Say what you feel.
  2. Admit failure.
  3. Make more eye contact.
  4. Remember your own (and every being’s) basic goodness.
  5. Sing! (Even if you can’t sing.)
  6. Dance! (Even if you can’t dance.)
  7. Admit it when you’re wrong. And say sorry.
  8. Look fear in the face.
  9. Write heartfelt notes to friends.
  10. Give up small talk.
  11. Don’t be fake.
  12. Cry.
  13. Laugh loudly.
  14. Practice pausing and noticing the present moment.
  15. Contemplate death.
  16. Communicate!
  17. Practice intimacy.
  18. Don’t try to make your life seem perfect on social media.
  19. Do what you feel like doing.
  20. Have a meaningful career.
  21. Practice yoga. Fall down. Get up again.
  22. Practice meditation, every day.
  23. Surround yourself with real people.
  24. Write.
  25. Create art.
  26. Read.
  27. Learn.
  28. Remember: everyone wants happiness & does not want pain. Remember, we are all the same.

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