2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

My Word of the Year. #reverb13

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How to distill an entire year down to one word?

I had a lot of runners up this year. From the moment she emerged, life was all about Jade. Birth. Motherhood. Diapers, breastfeeding, crying, laughing, nighttime feedings, babbling, crawling, growing.

That’s why my word for 2013 is newness.

A ton of new things happened to me, and it required me to maintain beginner’s mind as much as I could. In January, our new baby was born. I became a new mother. We suddenly had a new number-one priority: the needs of our daughter.

In February, we moved to a new house with a stunning, new view of the lake. In the summer, I visited a new continent (South America), met my new family (my husband is Colombian) and entered into a new marriage. I published two new books. 

I was awash in newness. It was a challenging, rewarding, overwhelming, simple, emotional, joyful, exhausting, novel and memorable year.

For the past few days, I’ve been pondering my word for 2014. In 2011, it was mindfulness. In 2012, movement. For next year, I’ve decided on flourish.

I’ve decided to flourish.

My aspiration is that Jade will continue to grow, and I will too—as a mother, partner, friend, writer, sister, teacher. The key is to flourish. It’s the opposite of “barely getting by.”

Flourish is both a verb (thrive; prosper) and a noun: something that is added as a detail or decoration; a dramatic or fancy way of doing something; a sudden smooth movement that is likely to be noticed

May we all flourish… with a flourish! Here’s to a fruitful moment, month and life.

Go here to participate in #reverb13!

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