2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

forest stop sign

Karma Yoga Spotlight: the virabrations project.

Caitlin and Kelly are two American roommates who live in Germany.

Kelly stumbled upon the Off the Mat, Into the World 2013 Global Seva Challenge right after completing her yoga teacher training.

Now, these compassionate chicas are taking their idealism a step further, turning it into action that could make a positive difference for our planet.

It’s time to wake up to the reality facing us and our environment.

We know  that rainforest is being destroyed at alarming rates, but we don’t know the details of the immense problems facing the Amazon Rainforest.

We know that the Earth and its people are being sickened and destroyed because of the greed of corporations, governments and citizens all over the world.

We know that contamination, deforestation, unsustainable development, soil erosion, water pollution, oxygen depletion and displacement of indigenous people are just some of the serious issues facing our global community.

It isn’t easy to admit, but we know that our consumption habits have been a major factor in the devastation that has taken place in the Amazon.

the virabrations project. sends the simple message that we are an interconnected, global community. What hurts or heals Ecuador and the Amazon Rainforest hurts or heals us all.

Kelly and Cailtin’s intention is to offer plausible, tangible solutions that address the devastation facing the Ecuatorian rain forest, whether it’s by making simple changes to the way we think and act, or by working on the ground in Ecuador like the brave souls partnered with Off the Mat’s Global Seva Challenge.

Habits can be changed, addictions (to oil and overconsumption) broken, humanity healed and our precious Mother Earth revived!

Get the details on their campaign, project ecuador. and learn more about the problems and solutions regarding the Amazon Rainforest.

Yoga teachers who are interested can help out by offering :a breath of fresh air: donation based yoga classes.

Here’s a list of the partners and projects to which the funds raised will be donated.

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