2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Writing, Movement and Change.

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Welcome to Autumn! I hope you are enjoying the crisp air and fall colors and flavors that come with this seasonal transition.

Lots of good stuff is brewing here at Yoga Freedom! After years upon years of writing for myself and publishing for free, I am now earning about as much through writing as my part-time school teacher salary! Even with the availability of free media online, it is still possible to earn a living as a writer. This is good news for journalism, creativity and the entrepreneurial-minded.

Over twenty people have purchased Flow and Flower, the chakra ebook I self-published in August. I am currently in the process of revising my memoir/manifesto, Yoga Schmoga and plan to share the first edition by Thanksgiving. I am also going to be redesigning this website in the coming months. Your feedback or suggestions are most welcome!

Finally, I have been writing up a storm for Elephant Journal. Here are the articles and blogs I’ve published in the second half of September.

33 Short, Sweet Yoga Quotes from the Masters. Whether you read them for personal enlightenment, to share with friends or yoga students or to include in articles or blogs, I hope this collection of sayings from Indian yoga masters will be of benefit.

6 Totally Must-Read New Age Self-Help Books. Though I have moved away from the self-help genre, these six decidedly New Agey books resonated with me greatly at the time that I read them.

Best Breath Practices: 5 Energizing Pranayama Techniques. The importance of the breath, in yoga and in life, cannot be overstated. These five basic breath exercises are guaranteed to give you a nice, natural yoga buzz.

Change: The Essence of Fall. We can take a lesson from the trees releasing their leaves. Autumn is a time to let go.

Pith Advice from an American Buddhist Nun: Collected Sayings of Pema Chodron. If you don’t know Pema, I hope these inspiring quotes from several of her books will whet your appetite for more Tibetan Buddhist teachings and meditation practices.

3 Simple Yoga Alignment Tips to Revolutionize Your Asana Practice. Be grateful for what you can do. Be grateful for the awesome gift that is your physical body. Have compassion for your body, and practice poses that challenge you and make your heart sing.

Love Hate. I have a love/hate relationship with many things. Including technology. And elephant journal. And myself. And the world.

Ready to Cut the Cord with Facebook? What can I say? I love it, I hate it, and I’m not ready to cut the cord… yet. Are you?

Feliz Fall!


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