September 2013 Digest

Check out the articles I’ve written for Elephant Journal so far this month!

This Very Moment is the Perfect Teacher: Honeymoon at the Hospital: A personal essay about when my baby got sick and had to be hospitalized in Colombia this summer.

How Getting Fired from Google Drastically Improved My Life: a personal essay about seeking and finding the right career by eliminating the wrong one.

Let’s Talk About Sex: A Sacral Chakra Playlist: featuring smooth songs from Salt N Pepa, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Diana Ross, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more.

Chakra of the Month: September (Sacral Chakra): a blog post about the second chakra, which is all about sexuality and sensuality.

8 Excellent, Must-Read, Non New-Agey Spiritual Books: eight mini-book reviews and tons of great recommendations in the comments section.

Find Your Life Partner in 4 Easy Steps: Stop settling, find wholeness in your solitary life, define the qualities of your ideal mate, and quit searching for him or her.

Let’s Get Cliterate: One Woman’s Mission to Educate the World: NY Artist Sophia Wallace is on a mission to teach people the truth about the clitoris.

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