2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

I Am That. {poem}

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I am pretty self aware.
I am overwhelmed
I am no one
I am everyone
I am a bad mother
I am a good person
I am michelle Margaret
I am asking how
I am writing too much
I am empathetic
I am fed up
I am fed
I am writing sentences.
I am composing in my mind.
I am exhausted
I am going to Bogota
I am not happy
I am content
I am reading two dozen books
I am never going to get out of here
I am consumed
I am overwhelmed
…did I mention that?
I am manic I am depressed
I am listening I am strutting
I am on the sidewalk
I am broken
I am whole
I am fixed
I am saved
I am here
I am now
I am wondering

And how?


One response to “I Am That. {poem}”

  1. Erick Barrios

    I am this too! Great Poem!!

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