Filter Failure: Dealing with 21st Century Information Overload

mind full iconReal quick, and I’ll keep this short, because you probably don’t have the time or attention span to read a long article like the one I wrote in 2010 on information overload, now known as “filter failure.”

It’s a topic that fascinates me as much as I am a victim of it. Just read the NYT review of a new book called Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff. (And I want to read it, but I am too distracted by the Internet!)

Money quote:

“Whatever is vibrating on the iPhone just isn’t as valuable as the eye contact you are making right now.”

I am back online after several months without WiFi at home, and it’s so clear how much of a time suck the World Wide Web can be. Unplugging is so valuable. Stillness is more than just Oprah’s latest fad, it’s a surefire way to reconnect with the present moment and the mysterious, marvelous flow of Life.

So… the takeaway:

Unplug and sit still sometimes.

Okay, thank you for reading; you may now return to your social networks.

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